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Crystal Springs Gallery

* Elegantly designed and yet so practically in price. It does not have to be expensive to enjoy comfort and true service.....come to Crystal Springs!

* The room designs are so unique...........a place one has to yearn for.

* A luxuriously look---but very affordable room rates are what Crystal Spring is basically known for. There could never be a place where one has to relax and enjoy affordably.

* A great place for swimming........the pools are so clean and spacious that are being eyed as one of the great resorts in the Philippines.

Crystal Springs Room Rates
Entrance Fee Basic Crystal Springs
AdultP 50.00P 70.00P 150.00P 70.00
(4ft., below) ChildrenP 50.00P 70.00P 100.00P 120.00

Room Type12 Hrs24 HrsCapacity
Single CottageP1,800.00P2,250.002 person
Single ResthouseP1,800.00P2,250.002 person
Upper ExecutiveP1,100.00P2,850.002 person
Lower ExecutiveP2,800.00P3,500.004 person
Bukal ResthouseP1,350.00P1,800.004 person
Family CottageP2,250.00P3,000.006 person
Family Resthouse
4m x 6m Private PoolP3,000.00P4,000.0010 person
4m x 8m Private PoolP3,000.00P4,500.0010 person
DormitoryP3,000.00P4,500.0016 person
PICNIC HUTP400.00P450.0020 person
EXCLUSIVE RATES: (8:00 AM to 5:00 PM)
Monday - FridayP15,000.00P 50,000.00P 100,000.00
SaturdayP20,000.00P 80,000.00P 110,000.00
SundayP25,000.00P100,000.00P 150,000.00
Capacity200 Person1,500 Person1,000 Person
Validity : Until 2004

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